imagination in the workplace

Wouldn’t it be better if….

Why Everyone Needs a Seven-yr. Old –


Kids have it all of the time as they learn and grow.

I’ve always thought that you needed a 7 yr. old around at all times because they aren’t bounded by the things we “know.”  Their imagination is unlimited.  Listening to children play imagination games is really a joy.  They can solve any problem.

My 7 yr. old once asked for something that had no chance, in my mind, of happening.  I responded with, “That has as much chance of happening as the moon falling out of the sky.”  He said, “Well there might be a one in a thousand chance.”  I said, “No.”  He followed with, “Maybe there’s a one in a million chance.”  I said, “No.”  He said, “Maybe there’s a one in a billion chance.”

This time, before I could respond, I suddenly realized that impossible things to me are possible to kids.

Maybe my own knowledge and experiences were limiting my possibilities and imagination!

Maybe yours are too.

Kids have this great imagination that comes out when they’re building or playing or imagining and it’s what I call, “Wouldn’t it be better if….” 

Try it with yourself and with others.  Present any idea and ask yourself and your team to challenge it with, “Wouldn’t it be better if ______” and let them fill in the blank.  ANY answer is great, like brainstorming…no rules.

I’m sure that I drove my architect and builder crazy doing this.  As each plan came back, there’d be something that would be better if….  After awhile, the builder got into it too.  We have a house we love because we never stopped asking, “wouldn’t it be better if….”.

So as we start 2022, I challenge you to not set limits on your imagination and think beyond what you think is possible…maybe it’s not.

You’ll be delighted with the outcome in your personal and work life, and the kids will really enjoy playing with you.