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Our Services

Integral Recruiting Services offers everything you need to operate your own recruiting/staffing company if you’re a successful, motivated recruiter and business development professional. If you’re successful and tired of working for someone who takes the lion’s share of your efforts, but you’re not sure you want to do all of the things necessary to start your own company, you’ve come to the right place.

For a reasonable monthly fee, you have access to all of the state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as billing and accounting services needed to issue invoices, receive payment, and disburse funds to you via our payroll system. You can even place contractors and not worry about billing them or dealing with insurance. It’s all taken care of for you so that you can focus on what you do best!

If you’re not a tech wizard, you will be appreciative of our IT support. We can even provide PC and phone equipment if what you have now doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

Our Strategy

Integral Recruiting Services provides the infrastructure and services that you need to run your own company and appear as though it were a bigger company. Using cloud-based services, you have access to company email, company phone system, an applicant tracking system, instant messaging within the company, a cloud-based repository for files, Microsoft Office 365, IT support, and everything you need to work from your home office.

Today’s technology levels the playing field, allowing small businesses to have the same tools as large ones. Our model of working remotely has been used since 2013…we’re not new to it.

If you’re good, motivated, and connected, why NOT let us help you in starting a recruitment agency of your own? The benefits of not commuting, being home with your family, and the flexibility to schedule your day without asking for time off are HUGE!

Your Success

Are you a successful recruiter? Do you make 10-12 placements per year, and/or have contractors billing? Do you know hundreds of candidates and follow their career? Do you like doing both sales and recruiting? Do you wish you could be on your own and keep more of the profit you bring to your company?

If you answer “yes” to those questions you should be interested in our business model that allows successful recruiters to become independent while still having the infrastructure used by bigger companies. Like a franchise, we provide services and a trusted, proven company name and history to allow you to grow your business.

Our model was designed to improve the work/life balance! Imagine a day where you’re keeping the profit you make, with no screwy rules of engagement, no office politics, and a chance to be there for your family.​

Best of all the model works anywhere in the country. Contact us to learn more about starting a staffing agency of your own.