Formed in 2008 as a one-person company. In 2013, re-engineered as a recruiting cooperative!


Gina Van Opens


Gina has over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, plus 8 years in business in areas including project management, marketing, IT channel sales, managed services, application development, and business leadership. Gina impresses hiring managers because she can talk “tech” about development, languages, hardware, telecommunication, and pretty much all aspects of IT.

Seeking to find a better work/life balance, Gina realized that today’s cloud-based infrastructures could level the playing field and allow her company, and those wanting to start their own companies, the same capabilities as larger ones, but with more flexibility and lower overhead.

Gina is known as a “pay it forward” person. She takes pride in connecting great employees with employers. In addition, Gina stays abreast of industry trends and the pulse of the local job market. She truly enjoys introducing the candidates she represents to prospective employers, acting as a “brand emissary” to deliver that employer’s brand message.

As a collaborative and strategic servant leader, she understands the importance of investing in her employees so that they have the tools and knowledge to be experts. She takes time to mentor and coach her team so that they deliver the quality of talent that our clients expect.

Gina shares her knowledge and experience with the business community, offering insights as a business owner and industry expert.


Suzy Ferris

Senior Recruiter

Suzy has over 20 years of experience focused on recruitment of IT Professionals across a variety of industries. This background yields strong rapport and working relationship with all of the candidates she works with. It is integral to her success that she have a solid understanding of a candidate’s technical strengths, personal attributes and career goals in order to ensure the right long-term employment match for both the client and individual.

As a truly senior recruiter with this extensive background, she acts as an Advocate or Advisor to many of her candidates. She enjoys having the ability to discuss industry and salary trends, share knowledge she has about local businesses and their corporate cultures, and recommend interviewing techniques and assist with offer negotiations when needed.

She understands that her role is to foster the partnership between herself, the candidate, and the client, culminating in a business relationship where there is added value and synergy between both parties. The ultimate goal is finding that “perfect match” in a positive and durable recruiting/employment experience, affording the individual the ability to take steps in fulfilling their career aspirations while satisfying the employment needs of our clients.


Rachael Nork


Rachael brings more than 12 years of experiences in the recruiting and staffing industry to our team. She’s well versed in helping companies find talent in areas such as Human Resources, Administrative Support, Customer Services, Finance and Accounting and more.

Rachael is very passionate and sincere when it comes to helping her candidates find the perfect opportunity to take their career to the next level, and has helped many individuals find that perfect role.

Rachael is a connector who is always advocating for every person she represents. Her knowledge of their strengths and talents always puts them in the best light to a prospective employer.


Pete Van Opens


Pete has over 30 years of experience in IT, customer experience, leadership, training, and finance. His role is to ensure that the decks are clear for our team to function and make best use of our tools and infrastructure, and to insure that we are professional grade, all the way.

His many behind-the-scenes roles make him an expert in back office operations. While other small businesses work out of a bedroom and consider back office to be an annoyance, Pete prides himself on the smooth operation of all facets of our business. Our industry-proven, enterprise class tools, products, and architecture (that many medium to large organizations lack) is integral to our business to provide professional support to clients, candidates, and our partners.

Pete’s penchant for writing and “process” means that there is a documented process for everything, ensuring that we comply with FCRA rules for data protection. Data is backed up regularly and securely. Redundancies abound. Pete developed and successfully tested our business continuity plan. The architecture and processes have allowed us to work remotely from the start. We can work from anywhere so that we’re ready to help you.

Other Partnerships

We have partnerships with multiple other small organizations that provide increased depth.

In addition, we are working to bring on additional partners under the Integral Recruiting Services brand.

We're proud to be an SBA-designated woman-owned small business employing and actively working with veterans!