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Six Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency to Find a Job

Many of the people who contact us have never used a recruiter to help them find a job.  We always try to do the best to help those people to look their best, even if we can’t help them with a specific role. 

There are good reasons to have a recruiter on your side:

  1. Great recruiters act as a loyal mentor and coach – For people who haven’t used a great recruiter, they should listen to your background and guide you through the hiring process, but also help you to be more successful, as a career coach would do.
  2. Great recruiters are resume specialists – Nearly all people that submit a resume to us appreciate the suggestions for changes that we make.  We see thousands of resumes each year and we know how applicant tracking systems work.  We help to get your resume seen.
  3. Great recruiters know you – They’ve taken time to know your skills and often suggest experiences that you may have overlooked or minimized that could help you to land a job.
  4. Great recruiters know the job you seek – If you’re responding to one of our recruiter’s reach outs, understand that we know that job better than what you see on a job board because we’ve talked with the hiring manager.  You may be surprised to learn that what the hiring manager wants and what’s posted aren’t the same.  The recruiter can help tune your resume for better visibility.
  5. Great recruiters go to bat for you – Not all hiring managers take the time to read an entire resume and applicant tracking systems are not representing your best interests.  A great recruiter will tell the hiring manager what makes you valuable and why they should interview you.  More than once we’ve placed people when the hiring manager had discarded the resume.
  6. Great recruiters are confidential – What’s said between you and your recruiter should stay private unless you allow something to be shared.  That goes for your resume too.  A poor recruiter will send your resume to a company without your permission, which may mean you’ll be submitted more than once, which means your chances of an interview are zero.

The search for talent is as hot as ever, even in the current economy.  That’s true for recruitment agencies too and not all of them have these same values and skills.  Junior recruiters lack experiences, don’t know what it takes to be great, and may overlook one or more of these reasons that you sought them. 

Always interview your recruiter to be sure they’re the right fit for you.  Be sure to know their specialty, their experiences, and most of all, their passion. 

Great recruitment agencies have great recruiters that make you a winner.