Looking Forward to 2023

Hi, I’m Gina, the President of Integral Recruiting Services.  Wow, 2022 was a year to remember for our team here.

We finish 2022 with strong financials, which is always good, but more important is that it was a good year for our infrastructure growth and most importantly for the great companies and people that we worked with.

We really enjoyed the conversations we’ve had with people and clients this year.  We’ve learned a lot about many motivated and talented people, what they like, who they are, and how we can find good jobs for them.  It was a busy year and the perfect year for a new phone system, as we helped 20% more people than last year (and we thought 2021 was busy).

Additionally, we upgraded our applicant tracking system which is much better than the old one with better integrations and automation tools that have simplified what we do and provided more information and detail as we work with our clients and candidates.  It also lets us easily publish our jobs on our website and job boards…another offshoot from last year’s progress. 

Finally, this past year we helped over 100 people improve their resume, even if they weren’t a fit for one of our open jobs. Our belief is that we should always pay-it forward and are especially proud that we helped multiple small entrepreneurs start their own company. 

Check out my short video and we will see you in the New Year!