mayer family beef partnership

Happy Giving Season!

Our company, and its team, pride ourselves on contributing to others and aiding small businesses.  At this time of year, we’d like to celebrate Mayer Farms Beef, LLC.  Mayer’s is a seventh-generation small business located in SE Wisconsin. 

As you can imagine, they’ve seen a lot of changes in their number of years in business.  Their quality and innovation have made them successful and growing over all these years.  Starting as a small business, they began selling products that they had made because of their high-quality standards and deliciousness.  No hormones, antibiotics, or excess fat – just great flavor.

Integral Recruiting Services has partnered with them this year, building on a relationship with Shelly that Gina has developed over the past year.   

Our experiences with the gift boxed offerings for the holiday season have been wonderful.  The recipients of these packages have raved about the flavor and quality.

Mayer Farms takes pride, enjoys their life’s work, and gathers great satisfaction from growing their own food and knowing that others will enjoy it as well!

We’d like to pay-it-forward to Mayer Farms Beef family and encourage you or your business to consider giving the gift of flavor from a local Wisconsin business!